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Our Story

  Amazed, (And they were all Amazed by the Mighty Power of God!)


This is Amazed a family twice bonded together, some of them by birth and others grafted by God in marriage, but all through Salvation. Amazed was formed in 2009 with John , Kim, Russell and Elisabeth, but have relocated to Central TX and added Milissa.


Their calling is to Minister to God’s people and spread His Holy word through the power of song.


The mission of this Ministry is to see souls brought to Christ and encourage His Church. Also to see the lives of Gods people empowered and enriched with all


He promised in his WORD. They are deeply humbled and honored to be called to Serve Almighty God.


Kim has always had a calling on her life to sing for Jesus, but did not answer that call until about six years ago.
When God calls you to do something he will give you what you need to do it.
When she sings you can see that it is straight from her heart, and really believes every word. 


It is truly the desire of her heart to sing for Jesus and lift up His name. John and Kim consider it an honor and a privilege to be called to spread the gospel of Christ anywhere they are led.
To our Great GOD be all the Glory!!!

John is a very blessed man in many areas ,and wears many hats in the Amazed ministry. He first and foremost loves God with all his heart, and is very thankful for the many talents God has given him. John is the sound endingeer for Amazed, drives the bud, does all the photography, and manages the group. Although he does not sing he has a deep love for Gospel music, people, and he is Kim's number one critic and fan.zed.

The grace and mercy of God has shown up in a mighty way in their lives and the main objective in this ministry is to glorify God , lift up Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit. While endeavoring to do these things they are truly AMAZED.

Elisabeth was reared in a Christian home that was very musically inclined and has been singing most of her life. For the last several years Russell and Elisabeth have been part of the Praise and Worship team in their church. She has a passion for sharing the love, grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Being a part of the ministry of Amazed is a blessing, and a great opportunity to share the love of Jesus. It is her desire to share Jesus so that souls are saved and delivered out of the hand of the enemy.


Russell began singing and playing music at a very early age. He is gifted with many talents in that he can play several instruments with a deep love for the guitar. He has traveled and ministered with many groups such as Sovereign Grace Singers, Master’s Harvest, Eastern Sky and Amazed. Russell and his wife Elisabeth also are a part of the Praise and Worship team in their church.
He is a vital part of Amazed and it is Russell’s desires to use the God given talents to share Jesus with a lost and dying world.

From a young age, Milissa Beechem began to sing.  Inspired by the love of music from her mother and other family members.  This Texas born singer began singing at the age of 3 in churches where her father was a minister and her mom or dad would stand her up on the alter to sing.  By God’s grace, she sang while amazing others by how such a big voice would come out of a little person.  The family traveled all over the United States singing and spreading the love of the Lord and blessing souls while loving every minute of it.  At the age of nine along with her family singing group known as the Sovereign Grace Singers they recorded a record album in Dallas, Texas.  At the age of 14 her father passed away and it was a life altering event which forced them to stop traveling.  A couple of years after the passing of her father , at age 16 she began singing again along with her Mother, Brother and his wife Elisabeth with the group named Masters Harvest and they recorded an album Title “Masters Harvest”.  She attended and graduated from Troy High School and eventually attended and graduated with a degree in Education from Baylor University.  Milissa was married in 1990 to her loving husband, Michael Beechem and was blessed with a daughter in 1995 named Cortney Beechem.  Milissa says she doesn’t really remember the first time she wanted to sing for her Lord and Savior but just knows that the Lord put the music in her soul and says “as my mother would say be thankful and use the talent that God gave you to praise our Heavenly Savior.  And I am certainly thankful to the Lord every minute of every day for His blessings.”  Now along with sister, Kim Watson, Brother, Russell Thompson and sister-in-law Elisabeth Thompson, Milissa is again singing with the group “Amazed” and is truly “Amazed by God”.

Branded Cross -- August 14th -- 7pm -- Free

Yetti Polk Park @ 7pm

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Yetti Polk Park

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