Hank is an Ex-Air Force veteran. He has lived in the Central Texas area for most of his life. He attended and graduated Temple High School in 1977. In his teens, he worked with several youth organizations including the Youth Association for Retarded Citizens. After joining the Air force, he stayed active in the association as a mentor and National Youth Coordinator. Along with this, he was also asked to be the Youth Liaison to the Canadian youth organization. His calling to the ministry came years before he finally answered it. During those defiant years, he knew that he would eventually answer the call and studied theology at Liberty University. He was first licensed in 2010 and is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Biblical and Theological Studies, and Church Leadership and Management. His long-term goal is to get his Masters in Divinity. He spent several years driving tour buses for entertainers and worked with notable artists such as Asleep at the Wheel and Randy Travis.  He is a very kind and loving soul. When in his presence, you feel his devotion to the lord and genuine love for mankind. He never met a stranger and is always willing to help. He is a "cowboy" at heart and loves horses. Though he does not own a horse, he always reminds you that he does have an "iron horse".. his Harley Davidson. He touts that makes him a "cowboy biker"!


His family has been here for since the early 1900's. His grandparents migrated to the area from Sicily, Italy and married here. They settled on a farm in Little River and raised 8 children there. The farm is still in the family and owned by his Uncle, Vince Cortese, and his son, Richard Cortese. His mother, Jannie Harding, resides in Temple. My father is deceased. He has three sisters, the youngest, Stacy Bettis, was injured in a car accident her senior year and survived 32 years in a hospital bed under the care of my loving Aunts, mother, and numerous care givers. She went to be with the lord in 2012. After graduating from Temple High School in 1977, he went into the Air Force. He is now medically retired (Disabled Vet) and focuses his full attention to the church and doing the work God has called him to do. He is not currently married and has three sons, Jerrod, Christopher, and Sean. Jerrod Bettis, the eldest, is a nationally acclaimed musician and song writer and has won several major awards for his music. He has played drums since he was 6 and in his career since graduating high school had the honor of performing with several major artists including Melissa Etheridge. One of his songs was played at the Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. His first song went triple platinum and was bought by Saturday Night Live. He has been a Eucharistic minister at the catholic church he attended in Temple. In his own words, “I have always had the calling to the pulpit but kept putting it off and not stepping up to the call. I just didn't feel ready and honestly didn't feel like I was "worthy". But God showed me different and I finally agreed with him and started this church last year. I have ministered in several youth groups and various organizations and local churches over the years.”


Diana and Daniel Wright -- Music Ministry and Praise Team Leaders

Daniel Wright and his wife Diana Bowers Wright are Jesus-following, church-serving, people-loving, and are grateful to be trying to tell everybody about Jesus. 

Daniel was born and raised in Iowa, raised in the Church of the Nazarene, was saved and Baptized in Texas. He moved to Texas in 1983 and attended various Baptist churches. He has been a musician since age 14. Daniel plays guitar, bass, sings and writes music. He is an Army Veteran, and Honorably discharged.
Diana was born and raised in Texas, attended Baptist Church since a young child, was saved at age nine  in the Central Baptist Church in Garland Texas, and Baptized in the First Baptist Church in Sulphur Springs Texas where she was an active member in the Church Choir, was a substitute Sunday morning class teacher, served the church assisting with Marketing, and church events. She has been a musician since age 12 playing flute, guitar, and a singer. The First Baptist Church Garland Texas gave Diana her first adult Bible, a red leather red letter Bible with her name embossed on it which she passed on to her second daughter. Diana's children were raised in the Baptist Church, saved and Baptized in the church also.
Daniel and Diana have been members of Music Worship Teams. They have six children and five grandchildren. They look forward to serving in the planting of a new Bible based church through music worship.